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Newstalk KZRG – Joplin and Pittsburg News, Talk, and Weather

KZRG consistently delivers radio you can depend on! The KZRG Morning Newswatch is the area’s only live and local morning show that dives into the important issues facing Four States listeners.

KZRG provides live and local news updates every hour, keeping people informed. People also tune in to hear the biggest names in talk radio including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin.

KZRG listeners are wealthy, educated decision-makers. KZRG allows advertisers to deliver their messages to an engaged, captive audience.

Newstalk KZRG Personalities

Morning Newswatch

Sarah Novotny

Morning Newswatch

Rob Meyer

Morning Newswatch/Reporter

Rob “RT” Rauch


Ty Albright


John Weatherbe

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Weekly Listeners

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