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Live Broadcasts

Classic Hits 93.9 Remote at Car MartNeed a big turnout for an upcoming promotion or event?  Live broadcasts, or remotes, bring the party to your place of business. Consider taking advantage of a Zimmer live broadcast to drive people to your business and to deliver the advertising results you desire.

Use our on-air personalities as a megaphone to announce your business’ event to thousands of Four State listeners.

Live broadcasts work best when the advertiser ensures the atmosphere surrounding the event is fun and exciting enough to make listeners want to attend. This can be accomplished with a great contest, offer, or idea.

Live broadcasts are particularly effective for new store openings and for driving traffic to your place of business.

Watch this video to see Thom Watts of Classic Hits 93.9 promoting a very successful live broadcast from New Year’s 2016.

Consider A Live Remote For

  • Seasonal Sales

  • Open Houses

  • Special Promotions and Events

  • Anniversaries

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